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Church of The Rock ​"Jesus Christ"

Apostle Barbara Broussard knew from the age of 14 years old that there was something unique about herself (being born again at an early age), she pondered her cherished encounters with the Lord. She experienced falling down a black dark hole and her hollering out “Jesus” and this large white hand pulled her back up to the top. The book of St. John was her course of study in the 9th grade. Later years she was a member of the St. Matthew Holiness Church choir #1 and later a member of the “Gospel Caravan” (a South Florida singing group) for many years.


     She is an Apostle, Pastor, Mentor, Teacher, Author, Biblical Advisor and Doctor of Ministry. Never in her wildest college days did she dream of being called into ministry. She was called to pastor the flock and lead His sheep and lambs into the fold. For 23 years, she’s pastored the flock as Senior Pastor/Founder of the Church of the Rock “Jesus Christ” Inc. located in beautiful Goulds by the Sea.


     She has a certificate from the Bethel Ministers School in Miami, FL. Pastor Broussard is also a Registered Nurse for 25 years. She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from the Revelation Message Bible College of Jacksonville, FL. She has obtained a Master Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctoral Degree in Ministry from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.


     As a Registered Nurse for many years, Pastor has worked in the Acute Intensive Care Unit in Houston, Texas and several South Florida hospitals. Pastor sits on the General Council of the National Alliance of Progressive Churches and is the Dean of Admissions of the National Alliance of Progressive Churches College & Seminary in Orlando, FL. She is an avid member of the Women’s Pastor Alliance of South Florida for the past 5 years to present (an organization of Senior Pastors for information and collaboration). A partner and member of Goulds Coalition of Ministers & LayPeople since 1991 until present and has served on the Executive Board as Executive Secretary and presently Treasurer of GCMLP Inc. ( an organization in the Goulds area since 1992). A Miami Dade County Chaplain from 1991and is presently serving as volunteer Chaplin part-time at the Agape Women’s Center. Pastor is affiliated with many churches in South Florida and other CEO organizations. As a community liason, Pastor Broussard and the Church of the Rock have fed and clothed Goulds and the surrounding areas for the past 23 years; (food baskets, clothing and now hot meals weekly). She continues to help the ex-offenders in Dade County that comes across her path.


  Dr. Broussard is a profound reader and history researcher of the Old Testament and Eschatology. She has traveled and preached in many states of these United States, north and south, east and west; preaching internationally and in Jerusalem at the Nativity scene in 1998.


   She is married to Mr. Peter Broussard for the past 34 years. She is the mother of 3 fine children: Janice, Cedric and Peter II and the spiritual mother to many spiritual daughters and sons. Pastor is repeatedly saying to the Lord “Thank you Jesus” for His goodness and mercy. She constantly reminds the body of Christ of the Second Advent of Christ to rapture the Church.” She says as John the Baptist on the isle of Patmos. “Even so come Lord Jesus.”

Meet Founder


Dr. Barbara Broussard


It is the intent of Church of the Rock “Jesus Christ,” Inc. to mobilize the pathway of those seeking to alter their lifestyles so that they are able to see and correct their venue. We endeavor to turn, such of those who are headed into a path of destruction, into a path of societal norm by assisting with appropriate life management skills, societal and familiar interactive responses, enhancing pro-life decisions, there-by increasing the value of family structure and well being.


  The Church of the Rock “Jesus Christ”, Inc. has been in operation for over 24 years and has been instrumental in helping youth to adults to remain abstinent, retain pro-life instructions, and understand the important roles of mom and dad in the home. This is provided by youth activities, parental counseling, anti-substance abuse, rap sessions, youth rallies, abstinence counseling, outreach, ex-offenders programs, assistance for young hungry runaways.

Church History

Church of the Rock “Jesus Christ,” Inc. began with a calling from the Lord in 1984 for Sister Barbara Broussard to start a church. He even gave her a name for it, “Church of the Rock ‘Jesus Christ,’ Inc.” The urgency was strong and even stronger in 1986 for Broussard to go forth. Several things occurred before the church began. A two-year sabbatical followed and on September 30th, 1988 it all began. She left her job of nursing after 20 years and began her new career for the Lord.


     The church at it's early beginning was held in Sis. Broussard’s living room with 7 members, consisting of 5 children and two adults. Weekly bible study continued for three years. An increasing membership forced Pastor Broussard to seek out a facility outside of her home.


     April 30th, 1990, the church incorporation was done as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. In June 1990, the church moved to a “store front” in Goulds Florida by the leading of the Holy Spirit. For four years, the church prospered in membership and financial strength. Several outreach ministries were developed to include the food pantry, jail/prison outreach and youth ministry.


     The church then applied for and received exemption as a 501(3) C organization. In 1995 a 1.7 tract of land was given to the church by one of the members. A house with a garage was on the property, but zoning wouldn’t allow a church to be erected to existing structure, because Florida law required the church to own 2.5 acres of land space. The church complied and sought out new ventures.


     The board members decided to look for a larger parcel of land. In July 1996, the church located, acquired and purchased more land. This area of 6.81 acres, located at 22400 South West 112th Avenue in Goulds, Florida, in a residential neighborhood environment, which is conducive for the church’s growth. Church of the Rock, “Jesus Christ” continues to grow as the ministry patiently waits for its permanent church home, and the promises of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ… He is our Leader.


     The church is now in Phase II of a three Phase process, with architect designs, site plans, temporary modular. The Church of the Rock “Jesus Christ” Inc. is a non-denominational, Pentecostal church with its headquarters in Miami, Florida 33170. The vision is to build a multi-complex center, comprising of a church, day care, bookstore, and a home for young, hungry runaway children and ex-offender’s programs.


     A special thanks to the Commonwealth Company who helped our dreams come true, our attorney Ludovici & Ludovici Inc., our accountant A. Bernard and the prayers of the Righteous!

A Tribute of Love

In Memoriam

Pastor Cleo Bethel


May 10, 1952 – September 28, 2015

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